Enchiladas at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food at Universal Orlando


Tucked up on a slight incline from main area of CityWalk resides Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food. With that restaurant name, guests should expect quality Mexican food and Antojitos delvers that. Though this restaurant menu experienced significant menu changes over the years, the food quality remains solid.

According to the Universal Orlando app, the current operating hours run from 3pm to 1am. This location offers outdoor seating also if desired. Though outdoor seating is limited, this option appeals to many guests. On select nights, a mariachi band plays a theme park version of music. The overall atmosphere and theming increase the attraction to this restaurant.

For me, the key question involves whether this on-site Mexican style restaurant offers a good value.

Like most tourist areas, restaurants pop up everywhere. Orlando area offers many excellent chain restaurants and family-owned Mexican restaurants. Some of these places rank as my favorite dining options in Orlando area. For full transparency, I expect high standards from Mexican places. This remains true whether truly Mexican or Tex-Mex. Yes, I get appeal of inexpensive style Mexican cuisine. However, Antojitos offers full-service dining at full-service prices.

antojitos citywalk

During a recent visit to Antojitos, I ordered the enchiladas.  So how was my meal?

In typical fashion, this place provides complimentary chips and salsa. The chips tasted fresh. Also, the salsa rate above average.

Enchiladas come with rice and beans as a side. The rice and beans were excellent sides for this dish. Since the rice is flavored with cilantro, I enjoyed it. I know some diners dislike the taste of cilantro so be prepared. The quality of these standard sides exceeded normal expectations. Clearly, I would not visit this place for just rice and beans, but they helped the dinner.


On this night, I ordered the Verde enchiladas. They cost $15.95 with chicken and queso fresco. They met standard expectations. Nothing about the enchilada was below average. Yet, nothing deserved high praise either.

The price point, especially at a theme park resort, earns a good value. Yes, I could get equal quality for less money off-site at Chuy’s or Border Grill nearby. However, the quality of these enchiladas will not disappoint. If you crave Mexican style food, Antojitos fulfills that longing.

antojitos citywalk

Antojitos offers three more types of enchiladas. You can order vegetarian (seen in photo above), ranchera pork, and mole with beef machaca. These range in price from $14.95 to $16.95 currently.

These enchiladas will not replace your favorite hometown restaurant enchiladas. Still, the value continues with this menu item at Antojitos.

This place offers one final bonus. Based on its slightly hidden location, reservation for this restaurant continue easier to get than many other CityWalk places. As always, eat like you mean it!

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