Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Merchandise Coming to Shop Disney on May the 4th


Original trilogy Star Wars fans get ready! On May the 4th Shop Disney is going to have special Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary merchandise. I can’t believe it’s been 40 years already!

I’m honestly excited about some of these pieces, but I’m an old school, OT, Star Wars fan.

We know there will be three mugs that look like the Starbucks ones. One for each planet of Hoth, Bespin, and Dagobah.

A plush Yoda. There also seems to be another mug and pin in the photo.

40th Anniversary Spirit Jersey (that I may have to get) pictured with another pin

There will also be figures. Some are already available now:

Yoda Black Series -$19.99

AT-AT Driver Black Series – $19.99

Bespin Han Solo Black Series – $19.99

Bespin Luke Skywalker Black Series – $19.99

But does his hand come off? That’s the question.

Bespin Leia Figure -$19.99

Star Wars Day Key

The items that aren’t already available will go live on May 4th at 7 AM PST/ 10 AM EST.

Source: Shop Disney




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