Drunk Man Nearly Falls Off Skyliner Platform


Everyone who has ever been to Walt Disney World’s Epcot has seen a drunk person stumbling around World Showcase. “Drinking Around the World” has become sport for some that visit Epcot, so much so that there are shirts with countries to check off for each time you have an alcoholic beverage in that country.  The goal is to get a drink in each country before the end of the day at Epcot.  Sometimes this quest to drink as much as one can stomach lead to lapses in judgement.

Recently, Chase Holderby, a resident of Merritt Island, Florida was arrested by police officers after causing a disturbance at Epcot.  Allegedly, Holderby was seen staggering and being belligerent around the American Adventure after “chugging” two beers within 30 seconds of each other.  The arrest report also stated that Holderby, age 30, was in a loud family dispute in the Japan pavilion within World Showcase. As he continued to be a disturbance to fellow parkgoers, security asked him to leave as he neared the Morocco pavilion.  He was then escorted to the International Gateway exit where he proceeded to  take off his shirt and remain belligerent.  Holderby was next seen walking toward the Skyliner.

A deputy was quoted by Fox Business as saying: “Once in the line queue, he continued to act belligerent and cause the crowd of people in line to become alarmed. While attempting to get him onto the physical gondola car, he wouldn’t initially get in and was dangerously close to falling into the area beneath where the attraction operates.”

The Skyliner’s operation was halted for his safety which lead to a delay in service for other guests waiting in line.

Chase Holderby arrested after intoxicated incident at Epcot. Photo via Fox News

Chase Holderby was eventually arrested for disorderly intoxication and trespassing by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Next time you’re at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, mind your alcohol intake. What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Fox Business

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