Drone Pilot Gets Trespass Warning After Flying Into Walt Disney World

An un-named Minnesota man found out that you can not fly drones at Walt Disney World, even if the parks are empty.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, an unidentified man from Minnesota was caught hiding in an apartment complex parking lot, while he flew a drone into the Magic Kingdom to try and sneak some footage. He hasn’t been named because he wasn’t charged.

Park security spotted the drone flying near Cinderella Castle. Later and off-duty Orange County deputy caught the man and other sherrif’s cars arrived on the scene. An incident report was filed on May 20th.

The Orlando Sentinel posted some excerps from that report:

The deputy had confronted the man and asked:

I asked him why he was in a parking lot of an apartment complex he did not live in and standing behind trees out of view from Reams Road, he did not have a clear answer to the question.

The 40-year old drone pilot allegedly stated “I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.”  And apparently elaborated that he thought it would be good time to fly the drone there because it wouldn’t crash into guests.

However you can not fly drones around Disney World. It’s in the rules and it’s an FAA enforced no-fly zone. It’s been this way for many years and happened after the events of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Nothing can fly below 3,000 feet or within 3 miles of Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

The man was issued a trespass warning and is cooperating with Disney. He has said he is deleting them as a favor and his intention was not to harm Disney as he apparently wants to work for them someday.

He offered this comment on the footage:

Obviously I can’t post them. I had to tell Disney I would delete them as a favor,” he said. “I don’t want to get into more trouble with Disney.

It just sounds like an over-zealous fan trying to take advantage of the shut-down to look into the park. Let’s face it. We all would watch that video. At least he flew into it and didn’t try to break in. But both are considered trespass.

I’m sure Disney security workers have a lot of interesting stories to tell about what happened at Walt Disney World when it was shut down.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel

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