Does a Recently Announced Coaster Refurbishment Mean Anything Positive?


Universal Studios Florida theme park looks full of construction walls these days. With props going up for the Halloween Horror Nights event, things look odd to many guests. Also, the fan favorite attraction, Revenge of the Mummy remains closed. The official reply from Universal Orlando continues to be “Mummy” opening late summer so that could be mid-September. Adding to that, a new refurbishment for Universal Studios Florida will start soon. However, this one will not be scheduled for as long as the Revenge of the Mummy one.

Mummy entrance July 27th, 2022
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Starting Sunday August 21st, Rip Ride Rock-It rollercoaster will be under refurbishment. This scheduled refurbishment will run through Thursday August 25th. This type of refurbishment looks similar to the pattern used for the Fast and Furious Supercharged attraction back in November 2021. For the record, that refurbishment took a few extra days.

Now, Rip Ride Rock-It needs far more tender love and care that a very short refurbishment can provide. The problems I have experienced with this attraction would be too long to list. This poor rollercoaster offers some decent thrills. Yet, the design system fails to hold up. This coaster experiences lots of down time due to mechanical issues, wind, and other weather issues. Also, this thirteen-year-old coaster might be facing full refurbishment soon. This pattern would follow the refurbishment operation that The Incredible Hulk Coaster underwent. The Revenge of the Mummy remains closed as of time of writing. That refurbishment, according to reports, did not involve a full re-tracking process unlike the Hulk coaster.

So, what could they be doing for a short refurbishment? Fixing some broken seats? Adjusting the queue? Solving a computer issue? Does this have anything to do with the locker system? Perhaps the problems with the video system should be resolved.

Whatever it is officially, five days does not provide much time. Yet, a bigger question arises from this refurbishment schedule: Why do this when “Mummy” attraction continues to be closed?

At the risk of invalid speculation, does this mean “Mummy” attraction reopened before August 21st at least? Once again, I know nothing official. However, having two main attractions closed in Universal Studios Florida would look bad for guests visiting then. Logic dictates that Universal Orlando anticipated the Mummy coaster reopening before then. If you believe rumors, Universal Orlando already intended the coaster to be open.

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Does this refurbishment date mean Universal Orlando knows for sure it is opening before August 21st? With a new passholder magnet honoring the Revenge of the Mummy attraction coming out August 15th, logic indicates that would be the last possible date for Revenge of the Mummy to reopen. We know with the “Music After Dark” happens weekend of August 25th. We know Universal Orlando wants things to run well for the event.

July 28th: We continue to watch barriers/signs get moved around.
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For the people who keep asking team members when the “Mummy” will reopen, maybe this is our first positive sign in a while. Yet, all we know for sure is that Rip Ride Rock-It will be down for a few days. If you are visiting that week, please bear this refurbishment schedule in mind. Enjoy your time at Universal Orlando. Also, I hope you get to experience the curse of the “Mummy” very soon

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