Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Faces Massive Box Office Drop in Second Week


‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ opened last weekend to $90 million opening day total in the United States. Well the magic has waned and now the film has seen a massive drop off at the box office.

How big of a drop?

According to Variety the film will face a 67% drop off from last weekend. While movies usually face a drop the second week a film is out, that one is pretty steep.

CBR pointed out that if you compare it’s 11th biggest opening in the US at $90 million to it’s Friday total, a week later, at $16.7 million, that’s an 81% drop.

Again, the film did make over $500 million world wide. It has since slowed down significantly, but it will likely be over $300 million domestically soon, bringing it up about $69.8 million from last weekend’s $230.2 million.

Usually when this happens it’s because other films cut in at the box office, but that really isn’t the case here. It’s been a mixed bag on the reviews for this one. Rotten Tomatoes has it sitting at an 86% audience score. Metacritic has the audience score sitting at 6.3. Personally I would take either with a grain of salt because they are widely known to be easily manipulated.

The total was without the large Chinese box office.

It is important to note that this film did not play in some of the major markets like China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait due to the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters. Frankly that could have been removed easily and when it was dubbed just refer to her “mom’s” as “parents” which they did often anyways.

Disney is finally realizing they do not have to pander to China, which was done often under Bob Iger. Meanwhile many people have been telling Disney to stop making all their films for the other country, but now that they see they won’t lose much by not, Bob Chapek is leveraging their totals without China to the investors.

Time will tell how ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ fairs in the coming weeks. I’m sure the steep drop off will continue and when ‘Top Gun 2’ releases on May 24th it will likely cut into it even further.

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