Do Dining Reservations Guarantee You Entrance To Disney Springs?


Disney had been releasing information ahead of the Disney Springs reopening tomorrow and a question many have been asking involves dining reservations.

Can I make Dining Reservations? Yes.

First of all you can make reservations for the locations that will be reopening, but keep in mind that capacity will be cut down due to social distancing guidelines. You can make those reservations directly with the restaurants, on the Walt Disney World website or even with the My Disney Experience App.

But note that having a reservation will not guarantee you access into Disney Springs. They are going to limit the parking to specific garages, the Orange Garage and Lime Garage. Once those are full they will consider it “capacity” and entry will be closed. You can’t park elsewhere and come in to Disney Springs either.

If I can’t get into Disney Springs Will I have to pay the restaurant guarantee fee?

If you have a dining reservation and the designated parking is full you will still not be allowed to enter Disney Springs.

When this happens you will not be charged the “dining guarantee fee” if you can’t enter the area due to it being closed for capacity reasons.

This whole thing is kind of a mixed bag for restaurants. If the parking reaches capacity they might lose out on reservations they had as many people will come in just to look and see what’s going on with Disney Springs. I fully expect all the bloggers and vloggers to show up tomorrow, since everyone and their dog more to Florida to be a “blogger/vlogger.” Just those people will likely make up a large part of the capacity for the area.

Make sure you arrive early

I would recommend giving yourself a lot of extra time because there will be temperature screenings as well as directional signage and social distancing will be enforced. Plus, you want to be there early and make sure you get parking if you have a reservation.

Masks will be required to enter Disney Springs. If you do not have one Disney has said that disposable ones may be available. Guests 3 and over will not be allowed entry into the area without a mask.

Just keep this all in mind.

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Source: Disney

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