DiVine Has Returned to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom has a hidden character that many never see. Her name is DiVine. She was not at the park since is shut down in March of 2020. Other acts had returned but she had not. Finally she has returned!

If you don’t know who DiVine is you aren’t alone. She is camoflaged to look like the rainforest, and she walks around on stilts. Usually she blends in and you don’t see her until she moves or walks across a pathway.  Many guests don’t even know she’s there, but if you are lucky enough to see her it’s actually quite fun.

From one video it seems she returned a couple of days ago, it is stated it was filmed on 11/14/2021.

We have some videos showcasing her return!

Here is one from WDWNT (Who reported she was coming back a couple of weeks ago.)

4K WDW Also has a video up!

I just told my daughter (14) and she was so excited. She came running to see the video.

According to WDWNT the character can be found wandering around the foliage from 8:45 AM and 1:45 PM.

I’m so excited to see the character return!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: WDWNT, 4K WDW

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