Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Should’ve Been Based on the Original Trilogy

Disney missed a golden opportunity to offer Guests the opportunity to have their dinner party crashed by Darth Vader himself. Oh well.

Disney felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of Star Wars fans cried out in terror at the cost of the upcoming Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

Disney’s upcoming white gloved, luxury LARPing experience is looking to poach the ultra-wealthy.

But betting on Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy might prove to be a huge tactical error in landing the clientele Disney is looking for.

The Disney Star Wars Sequels saw a financial decline film after film, and the sluggish sales of Sequel Trilogy toys was to blame for some of toy manufacturer Hasbro’s financial woes a few years ago.

Even now, Hasbro is betting more heavily on every era of Star Wars aside from the Sequel Era because they know Sequel merch doesn’t sell all that well.

Add in the fact that Star Wars’ popularity is in decline with kids these days, and I can’t picture many children begging their wealthy parents to take them on a trip to LARP with Rey, Kylo Ren and a bunch of Porgs.

So it stands to reason that those who would have the $6,000 to take their family of four on this overpriced immersive experience would likely be older and more established in their careers.

And also, they need to be geeks.

So it also stands to reason that these older, wealthier fans are much, much likelier to be fans of the original Star Wars trilogy and not Disney’s sequels.

We know that wealthy original Star Wars trilogy fans will drop serious coin on collectibles and memorabilia, including this R2 unit that sold at auction for nearly $3 million.

These same fans will list a $26 million Star Wars themed mansion for sale, with very little Sequel Trilogy memorabilia to be seen.

This Star Wars themed mansion went on sale for $26.5 million in April. Notice how little Sequel era memorabilia there is compared to the Original and Prequel trilogies. (Photo: CNET)

To those kinds of wealthy uber-fans, shelling out $6,000 to have Darth Vader (and not Kylo Ren) crash your dinner party would be absolutely worth it.

Possibly more than once.

But secret missions with the Resistance, and chance encounters with Galaxy’s Edge patrons no one knows or cares about, doesn’t have nearly the allure of possibly meeting Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia in “real life.”

So while I expect the hotel to do well initially with the Disney faithful and some wealthy Star Wars superfans, it won’t likely draw the repeatability that a hotel based on the never-aging Original Trilogy would have.

Then again, Disney reportedly passed on making Galaxy’s Edge based on the Original Trilogy versus an unknown planet in the Sequel Era, so maybe they don’t care as much about immersing their customers “in the movies” as Universal does with the Wizarding World.

Again, we’ll see how well this concept flies when the hotel actually opens.

Bring popcorn.

This might be more entertaining than the last few Disney Star Wars flicks.

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