Disney’s ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ Diversity and Inclusion Announcement Gets Backlash on Social Media


Despite massive backlash over the Reimagine Tomorrow diversity and inclusion initiative earlier this year, Disney has announced that the program is still active and launched a new website to coincidence with that announcement.

Social media is still as nonplussed about it as they were before, as evidenced by some of the reactions to the announcement video on Twitter.

The video was posted to both the @Disney official account as well as a new dedicated account for Reimagine Tomorrow.

Commenters point out Disney’s seemingly hypocritical approach to diversity and inclusion, pushing their content to China while simultaneously courting an LGBTQ audience.

Others pointed out that Disney shrunk John Boyega’s character of Finn on the Chinese posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Others call for Disney to pay Scarlett Johansson.

Even Japanese Twitter users are chiming in…

What is perhaps the most telling is that while there are many vocal detractors, there are not many vocal supporters giving Disney social media high fives for “being on the right side of history.”

And this is on Twitter… a very progressive platform.

Maybe, just maybe, people are cynical and see this as nothing more than a marketing stunt. Or maybe people aren’t impressed that Disney is making a big show of doing something they feel Disney should’ve quietly been doing all along.

(Or, you know, they’re salty about all the price increases and upcharges.)

Here is the message from Disney CEO Bob Chapek regarding the mission statement of Reimagine Tomorrow

“Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at The Walt Disney Company, and it’s very important to us that the stories we tell and the people who tell them fully reflect the rich diversity of our world. We recognize we have the power to entertain and inspire people globally, and we take that responsibility very seriously — that’s one of the reasons we created this site as part of our Reimagine Tomorrow endeavor. To achieve lasting, meaningful change we must all work together, and we want this to be a place where people from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds, and belief systems can gather and learn from one another, showcase their creative talents, and celebrate the wonderful differences that make every individual truly special.

Here you will see what we are doing across our company in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, including the breadth of content from our streaming services and television networks to our parks and resorts. You’ll also hear inspirational stories from our incredibly talented employees and cast members, and discover up-and-coming artists and young creators from diverse backgrounds who are contributing to our world in their own unique ways.

We are optimistic that, together, we can make a difference, and hope that you will visit this site often and help reimagine a more inclusive tomorrow!”

[Source: Twitter]


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