Disney’s “New” Answer To Monetizing Channels Is Brand Sponsored Content


Disney has just announced their “restructuring” that will focus on “Direct-to-consumer” experiences, which basically means streaming shows and movies. Buried in the wordy press release was the part about monetizing their channels and that sadly could mean commercials on Disney+ like we see on Hulu. But it could be even more than that.

Disney has a collaboration with 30 filmmakers and companies like Mars Wrigley to create short films they are calling “Bite Size Halloween.”

This specific idea comes from the 20th Digital Studio that Disney got with their Fox acquisition. I mean they should get something out of Fox after the ridiculous price they paid. But this isn’t a new idea for Disney. Disney has been taking corporate sponsorship for attractions, programs, and more for decades. Now they are leveraging what Fox started this back in 2017 to pull in more monetization for the company.

How were the projects chosen?

David Worthen Brooks, Executive Vice President 20th Digital Studio said that filmmakers were allowed to send in story pitches and then the ones chose were give “five-figure budgets.”

Right now they are running these short filmercials in between the Halloween shows on FX and Freeform and they are going to stream them on Hulu too in the Hulaween Hub.

So far five commercials that aren’t commercials are being sponsored by Mars Wrigley. October is prime advertising for candy companies. According to Telegram.com:

Candy companies typically ramp up their marketing in October; last year, they spent an average of $22.5 million a week on ads, according to MediaRadar, a New York-based firm that tracks ad spending.

Of course they would not disclose how much Disney is getting for these spots, but I’m sure it’s considerable.

First this, and next it will be sponsored Instagram walls. #Doritoswall #TacoBellwall #Targetwall #Hasbrowall #Starbuckswall. Then sponsorships will return to Walt Disney World when one of the handful of companies that own all the grocery products sponsor it. Disney needs money and it would not surprise me if they double down on brand deals and sponsorships to try and dig themselves out of debt.

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Source: Telegram.com


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