Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Is Coming to VOD Services Starting On October 6th


Okay, now I’m mad! Disney is allowing ‘Mulan’ to go to other Video on Demand services starting on October 6th, for those that don’t subscribe to Disney+. So now Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, FandangoNow and others will be getting ‘Mulan’ for $29.99 and those that buy it can just have it and not have to continue their subscription to Disney+.

I am not happy! Why the heck would I have bought it on Disney+ with the caveat that I have to continue paying them a monthly subscription, when I could have just bought it on a service like Vudu?  I already use Vudu, and I do not have to pay them monthly fees to keep the movie.

We did know that it would be made open to Disney+ subscribers in December, but they didn’t really mention that they would wait a month and then put it up on other VOD services without the requirement of having to pay the monthly subscription fee to keep it.

If you do want to purchase it you can pre-order on Video on Demand services now.

Disney needs to get it to more people to make their money back so they have to go outside of Disney+ to do that. They aren’t bringing in the dollars for this like they thought they would after backlash and lackluster reviews.

But after they made such a big deal about how you had two choices: buy it now on Disney+ and “own” access with your subscription, or wait and watch it with your subscription in December, putting it out there to other, less restrictive platforms, after the fact, is kind of crappy. The flipside is that people would shell out the asking price and possibly more to go to the theater too. But the way this was done just feels iffy to me.

Honestly, I would save your money and wait till you can watch it on December 4th with your Disney+ subscription because it really wasn’t worth the $30.

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Source: Slashfilms

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