Disney’s MagicBand+ Prices Just Hit $54.99!


Recently Disney announced that they will be rolling out the MagicBand+ program to Disneyland this fall. Now pricing for MagicBand+ has a tier that goes clear up to $54.99! Coincidence? I doubt it.

MagicBands have been a staple at Walt Disney World for several years now. Up until  January 2021, guests would be given a MagicBand with a resort hotel stay. Now you have to pay for one, even if it’s basic. The prices have crept up on these and now the new MagicBand+ bands have taken the prices even higher.

According to Blog Mickey, the bands have a new pricing tier at $54.99! So far it is only for a limited edition ‘Coco’ band, but they added a lilac tier so that would seem to indicate that more are going to come out at the price point. Disney would not create a whole new tier for just one band.

(Image Credit: Blog Mickey)

Prior to the new Lilac tier at $54.99, the highest MagicBand+ tier was previously “Slate” at $44.99. The “Sage Tier” is below that one at $34.99.

The new MagicBand+ rolled out a couple of months ago and it can “interact” with statues, parades and night-time shows. There is also a special “Batuu Bounty Hunters’ activity you can do at ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ as well. It does have some added value over the basic MagicBand options.

Even so, you can do these activities with the band that is $20 cheaper.

Of course Disney wants to push this over to Disneyland. It’s an untapped market that could net them a lot of money, especially given the influencer culture there. There’s also the extra control that comes with the MagicBands. Disney is able to track you all over the parks with these. Since Bob Chapek is very concerned with collecting customer data it would stand to reason that they would track where you go and what you do or buy. Might need it to upsell you later.  Especially when they bring out another band and want even more money.

How long till we get MagicBand+Ultra at $99.99? You get to pay more to do the exact same things but it’s “ultra limited edition.”

While these new bands do have the advantage of being rechargeable, they are not worth $55!  Get ready Disneyland the Mickey vacuum is out to suck up all your money. They need a strong first quarter and record profits to brag about! Open your wallets for the Disney Difference!

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Source: Blog Mickey

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