Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ Performs Okay But Numbers Are Still Relatively Low


Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ film released this past weekend and while it performed better than expected it’s far from a large number. In total it brought in about $61.8 million at the worldwide box office. This number includes the $34.2 million domestically.

Wow! That’s not good.

According to Disney it also brought in over $30 million, globally, via Premier Access on Disney+.  Making the total amount over $91 million. But again, that’s what Disney says.

It’s important to note that if these numbers are accurate 1/3 of the money came from Disney+ and the actors that had pay out deals allegedly won’t be paid for 1/3 of the take. This is what is leading to lawsuits with Disney.

Overall it’s not a terrible number for “these now precedented times” but it isn’t great. Of course the pandemic and new surge in fears around COVID-19 and the Delta Variant will be blamed, but I think that’s only part of the issue.

Another factor in the low box office is the lack of demand. Like other movies finally coming out after long delays, people have lost interest and moved on. After awhile it feels like it’s already come out or been watched and people just don’t care as much.

Throw in the lawsuit with Scarlet Johansson and now possibly Emily Blunt and Emma Stone, and that took a bit of wind from Disney’s sails ahead of the film. Now many entertainment sites are reporting women’s groups are angry at Disney for allegedly attacking Johansson. Personally I think that one is a stretch, but it’s a bad look for a company pushing diversity and inclusion so hard.

Some of the choices in the movie in relation to the choices at the Jungle Cruise attraction in the theme parks may also be playing into demand.

No matter what the reasons are behind the box office numbers, they’re low for a Disney tent pole film.

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Source: CNN

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