Disney’s Greed Hits New Heights Ahead of The Holiday Season


The Walt Disney Company and Bob Chapek himself are becoming more and more despised by the very fans the company has catered to for years. Scrooge would be proud. As we reported earlier, Disney has announced increases to the controversial upcharged Genie+ offering that replaced the free FastPass at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  Individual Lightning Lane prices on some popular attractions are also increasing in price.

The Walt Disney Company and Bob Chapek have struck again with the start of the new fiscal year 2022-2023. Chapek has to do something to keep the profits increasing to keep his job as Miser in Chief.  In predictable Chapek fashion it’s cut experiences, cut down quality and increase the pricing (basically Disney isn’t even trying to hide their corporate face behind a cartoon mouse anymore.)

Just like the park tickets, Disney is now fluctuating Genie+ and Lightning Lane passes by demand / date. It’s an odd choice given that Chapek admitted that only about 50% of guests actually used the service. But they got a taste of the cash and decided to squeeze those guests even more.

It could also be because so many were using it that the lines were not any better and they are trying to make it seem like a more “exclusive” upsell by charging a more exclusionary price.

CEO Bob Chapek is under the impression that people will keep paying the increasing prices for both the parks and streaming platforms. They recently demanded that Dish TV/ Sling TV pay them $1 billion more for Disney owned channels to be offered to customers. The CEO keeps citing “demand” for his outrageous price increases. Customers are starting to grow weary of Disney’s greed. Many of us real people are facing economic distress with increasing food and living costs. Natural gas prices near me have more than doubled since this time last year. Recession and inflation is looming. People can not afford to keep Disney afloat.

Make no mistake. If people cut off spending Disney is going to be heavily impacted. They only have the power and “demand” if consumers give it to them.

Twitter didn’t take it well, not that I can blame them:





I agree with this a lot. It’s so stressful. Everything has to be planned. I usually need a vacation from the vacation.

As long as people keep paying it Disney will keep doing it.

Frankly it’s absolute Bull Sh*t.

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