Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Dates Filling Up Amid Fan Backlash


Disney is kicking off it’s first “official” “cruise” at their Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel today. Last Friday, the media embargo was lifted and the general consensus hasn’t been good. The largest take away has been that people do not feel this experience warrants the massive price tag. Even the media that reported on it favorably had some issues with the value compared to the price.

There are a bunch of dates that were available yesterday, filled up a day later. March-June is almost completely gone and other months.


You can see April was full and May was pretty open, while June had a couple of days available.  July-September were very open.

(Galactic Starcruiser availability 2/28/2022)

Galactic Starcruiser Availability only one day later:

March opened up for this week. April still gone. May down to two days as is June. July-September are mostly open.

We got a couple of days that opened up this week for March, but several days sold out in May. (After posting April opened up a couple of days as well.)

There was a weird issue yesterday with the calendar where it showed every available date March-July gone except a few dates at the very end of July. A few minutes later it came back up and had availability. That is when I took the screenshots yesterday.  Not sure what is going on, but their website is known to be buggy.

Maybe a bunch of people got their income tax returns and wanted to spend $6k ++ on a 44 hour “cruise.”  Who knows.

If you want actual availability information you will likely need to call them directly. I’m not sure if the rumored $20k room shows up in this availability. Likely not.

Since the cruises open to everyone today I’m very excited to hear reviews coming from sources outside the ones Disney chose. Those ones are what I recommend you go by when deciding if the cost it worth it to you. Especially if you have some sources that you trust to be honest and fair.

Then decide.

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