Disney’s Competition Reacts To Viral TikTok Video About Drinking Dirty Fountain Water at Walt Disney World


A few weeks ago TikTok user @showmelovejete was fired from his job at Walt Disney World for doing a video where he went around taking drinks out of Disney water features and compared the taste to approved water sources around Disney Springs.

@showmelovejetedisney springs needs to up their water fountain game ##fyp ##disney ##shopping ##YesDayChallenge ##coldest @thecoldestwater♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

He was fired for this video as well as one where he went into the Disney Wedding pavilion without permission.

Recently he announced that he is banned from the parks as well.


@showmelovejetehappiest place on earth right? ##jeteout ##disney ##castmember ##fyp ##ChipsGotTalent♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble – SelteMemset

I’m not really sure what he thought would happen. Disney has been pushing TikTok and YouTube very hard and they are all over it. They leverage the “good” stories but they aren’t going to want a “bad” one to go viral. Of course they weren’t going to let it slide.

He was literally drinking out of the dirty fountains and showed people how the wedding pavilion was unlocked. Disney doesn’t want people drinking out of fountains. That’s not the kind of TikTok challenge they want started. One person gets very ill, or worse, and they get bad publicity or get sued.

I really can’t blame them on that one.

Well now Disney’s Orlando Competition is using the viral video to their advantage:

LEGOLAND posted the following on Twitter:


Then SeaWorld

Universal Orlando Posted their own statement on water:


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Hat tip to the Orlando Sentinel

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