Disney’s Boardwalk Is a Ghost Town (Unlike Disney Springs)

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Back in early summer, Disney was able to reopen Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney), and it has more or less become a vibrant marketplace once again. The same is not true down the road at Disney’s Boardwalk.

You might have run along Disney’s Boardwalk during a RunDisney event. You may have strolled by its waterfront while sipping an old-fashioned milkshake before retiring to your Swan and Dolphin hotel room. But the way you remember Disney’s Boardwalk is a far cry from its present situation. A count of open establishments yesterday had only two total retail and/or restaurant businesses accepting guests.

Whereas Disney Springs was able to drive business back using locals and (now) tourists looking for something to do when the parks close relatively early, Disney’s Boardwalk has not been so lucky. Dependent on resort guests at a time when many of the resorts are closed, the Boardwalk has been struck especially hard. Questions exist as to whether or not these same businesses will ever reopen, and if not, what will replace them.

The only good news for the Boardwalk and Crescent Lake is that thankfully, the creepy clown fixture is being removed. At least children will no longer have their dreams haunted from that one time their parent made them ride the waterslide with the clown’s face.

On the flipside, it does seem that guests who might feel uncomfortable around the crowds of Disney Springs need only use the Skyliner to disembark at Epcot. From there, they’ll have an outdoor marketplace basically all to themselves. No, the Flying Fish won’t be open, and not much will either. But the Screen Door General Store is open for now, and the lights are still on at night.

So what do you think? Will Disney’s Boardwalk be successful once more as soon as the pandemic ends? Or is this a sucker punch to Disney Spring’s little sister from which it may be years before it recovers? Let us know in the comments below. And remember, if you’re still wanting picturesque photos sans other guests, Disney’s Boardwalk is currently a fine option. Just don’t get too scared if you’re the only ones out there.

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