Disney’s Big D23 “Secret Project” Announcement Disappoints Twitter.


Not to be outdone by Universal Orlando’s announcement of a new theme park, Disney teased its own huge announcement for August 22.

And here it is: They’re launching a documentary series on Disney Plus that focuses on how happy their employees are.

No, I’m serious. This was the big, huge, earth-shaking news that was teased weeks ago.

So, yeah, “One Day at Disney” is coming as both a Disney Plus series and a coffee table book.

A crummy commercial for a documentary that has Disney patting itself on the back for its working conditions. (Be sure to drink your Ovaltine, kids.)

And Disney Twitter is not happy.

You get the idea.

With Universal seemingly bringing out the big guns (and by that, we mean the Super Mario Brothers), the announcement was less than underwhelming.

Hey, it’s a long weekend. Maybe something else will wow us.

Check out this video by Clownfish TV for an initial reaction.

[Source: D23]


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