Disneyland’s Star Wars Trading Post Will Showcase Star Wars Universe and Not Just The Galaxy’s Edge Story

Brown structure with multi tiered tower next to it. Looks old with satellite dish

Disneyland is getting ready to open their new Star Wars Trading Post on February 19th in Downtown Disney. They have refurbished the old Rainforest Cafe restaurant to create the Star Wars Trading Post location.

However, they are not going to follow the guidelines and timelines established for Galaxy’s Edge merchandising. As we’ve pointed out numerous times, people tend to prefer classic trilogy, cartoon shows, and the Mandalorian over other options from a Galaxy far, far away.

According to Walt Disney Imagineering Art Director Kirstin Makela, they want to offer fans a place to celebrate what they want:

It’s a place to celebrate all things Star Wars. We want this to be a space that grows with the fandom and has the ability to celebrate all the different characters and adventures that unfold.

We have so many fans that love all the different movies and adventures that have come out — whether they’ve been there from the start or if they are new fans or somewhere in between. We want to create a space where they can shop for all the new merchandise that goes along with all these different adventures and different stories, especially as the Star Wars universe continues to grow, change and evolve.

Because different people prefer different eras, films, shows, etc. from the Star Wars universe. Maybe Disney is realizing that not everyone has to like their version of Star Wars and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean they are “problematic” and Disney ultimately wants to make money.

Disney would make more money by offering guests more options and not just ones that are part of Batuu. With Galaxy’s Edge there are restrictions in place for story preservation. Basically, the residents of Black Spire Outpost aren’t supposed to be aware of the entire saga, according to the OC Register.

Since the new store is being located outside of the Galaxy’s Edge area it won’t have those restriction in place.

The problem Disney has with Galaxy’s Edge is that it’s a new planet that people don’t connect with. Sure they have the Millennium Falcon and it’s almost Mos Eisley and almost the cantina and Tatooine, but it isn’t. The thought process that people could just make up their own Star Wars story isn’t bad or wrong, but it probably would have worked out better if they went with places people had actual connections to. Like they did with the Harry Potter franchise at Universal.

Disney also won’t bring characters in that are “dead” in the time frame they established with Batuu. So they won’t bring in the characters like Vader for guests to meet them.

I think Disney is starting to realize that they may have restricted themselves too much and they are trying to take steps to correct that but only outside of their “story bubble.” However, a lot of people are over Star Wars at this point and I’m not sure if they’ll ever be able to  leverage it like they once could have.

The new Star Wars Trading Post will open in Downtown Disney on February 19th. Legacy passholders can reserve spots for a preview from February 16-18th.

Source: OC Register

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