Disneyland to Reopen this Fall?


It’s looking more and more like Disneyland Resort in California is gearing up for a return to action this fall.

According to Parks and Resort head, Josh D’Amaro, Disneyland Resort is now officially ready to reopen. The only impediment to the turnstiles moving once more is Governor Newsom, whose administration has recently implemented guidelines that seem to indicate Disneyland can’t accept guests anytime soon. However, a public pressure campaign has begun, and it’s including important figures such as the mayor of Anaheim, multiple mayors of surrounding cities, Disney executives, and others, who are all making sure the governor knows Disneyland would like to come to life.

On Disney’s side, their data from opening Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has given them significant leverage. Disney World has seen no indications of significant viral spread as a result of its guests, and the procedures in place have indicated Disney can safely operate a theme park during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, some degree of the decision-making process involved in reopening Disneyland will come down to politics. Whatever your political persuasion, there’s no denying that California and Florida have vastly different governing bodies. That said, it’s also obviously true that Disneyland has greater difficulty operating due to its surrounding population density, its tighter spaces, and the fact that it isn’t sitting on forty square miles of private land.

Sources indicate that Disneyland could reopen rather quickly once given the green light from the state of California. It’s believed that Disney has a system in place to move fast once the go-ahead is given. Much of the infrastructure needed for social distancing and exposure barriers are already installed. Current estimates are that Disneyland could reopen in as little as three weeks – and perhaps even quicker than that – once it’s legally allowed to do so. We’re also told that major players within Disney have an expectation that the resort will be open by the end of November unless there is a major rise in the virus in the immediate future.

If you’re excited about the opportunity to return to Walt’s theme park this year, here are some things to be watching:

1. Once cast members are recalled for training, reopening is a matter of weeks away.
2. California’s strict rules mean that most attractions will need to go through rigorous testing before reopening… you’ll likely read about that as news breaks.
3. The Disney Parks social media accounts, website, etc, will almost certainly begin updating as they settle on an official reopening date.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Disneyland has attempted to reopen. The question is whether or not they’ll hit the mark this time. What do you think about Disneyland reopening? Let us know in the comments below.

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