Disneyland Has Raised Ticket and Parking Prices and Disneyland Dream Key Annual Pass Has Sold Out


Disneyland has just raised ticket prices across both parks in Anaheim and reportedly the Disneyland Dream Key AP offering has sold out.

The LA Times has reported that the price increase at Disneyland is to take effect today and it raises daily ticket prices 3%-8% depending on the day, while standard daily parking has increased by 20%! Parking was $25 and now it is $30!

They also point out that the Park Hopper option is being raised by “as much as 7%.” They also point out that the inflation rate here in the United States was only 5.4% for September 2020- September 2021.

Shocker. Disney is raising prices beyond the rate of inflation.  

Disneyland also has a tiered system to make sure that busy days cost the most. There were five tiers and now there are six (and of course a price hike.)

Here are some price comparisons from the old Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure prices and the ones implemented today.

1 Day, 1 Park

  • Tier 1 stays about the same at $104.
  • Tier 2 goes from $114 to $119
  • Tier 3 raises from $124- $134
  • Tier 4 also increases $10 from $139-$149
  • Tier 5 goes from $154 to $159
  • The new Tier 6 is set at $164!

Here’s a look at 1-Day Park Hopper increases

  • Tier 1 was $159 and is now $164
  • Tier 2 was $169 and is now $179
  • Tier 3 went up from $179 – $194!
  • Tier 4 went up from $194 to $209!
  • Tier 5 increased from $209 – $219
  • New Tier 6 is set at $224!

Increases to Multi-Day Ticket Prices

Multi-Day, 1 Park Per Day Prices:

  • 2-Day went up $20 from $235 to $255
  • 3-Day increased from $310 –  $330
  • 4-Day went from $340 to $360
  • 5-Day raised from $360-$380

Multi-Day Park Hopper Rates

  • 2-Day Hopper – $290 to $315
  • 3-Day Hopper price increased from $365 to $390
  • 4-Day Hopper price raised from $395 to $420
  • 5-Day Hopper increased from $415 to $440



But that isn’t all!

Mickey Blog is reporting that the Annual Pass replacement “Magic Key” program has sold out of their Dream Key option.

This was the top tier option available for those interested. The price on it was $1,399 and offered the most access and deals.

Considering the increases in price to the basic tickets and parking, it’s no wonder those, that visit often, would just purchase it. I think we might see other Magic Key options sell out soon as well.

So many people defend Disney’s price hikes by saying they need to recover from the Pandemic, but they were already overpriced and the crowds have come back. Now it just feels like Disney is back to price gouging the customer.  They already raised the prices on individual Genie+ ride prices at least at Walt Disney World and it hasn’t even been active a week.

I guess if we see Cast Members get better pay and treatment I could understand it, but I have a feeling it will be more about the “record profits after a pandemic” spin they are going to push in the Investor Day presentation.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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