Disneyland Genie+ Price Increase—Will Florida Follow Pattern? (Why Yes!)


The price for the Genie+ service at the Disney California theme parks increased by $5 overnight. It started at $20 but it is now $25. Even though guest satisfaction with the Genie+ system at the California parks has been more positive than at Walt Disney World, this price increase caught some by surprise. If you are unfamiliar with the Genie+ system, this paid system allows guests to book one attraction at a time to enter a “usually” shorter queue for most attractions at domestic Disney theme parks. As Bob Chapek announced, at least half, if not more, guests to Walt Disney World purchase this service every day. What does all this mean?

Well, the Genie+ system at Walt Disney World currently costs $15/day. With the California version increasing, can the Florida version be far behind? Well, we learned as i was typing this article that Walt Disney World followed suit (sort of).

The paid Genie+ service increased in-park revenue dramatically in Florida. With the Florida version being $10 cheaper, as of time of writing, than the California version, a price increase in Florida seemed imminent. With the Genie+ product getting far worse reviews in Florida due to so many people buying it and fewer attractions to utilize the system, a price increase might reduce the number of people buying it in Florida. If rumored reports are true, Walt Disney World never expected so many people to buy the Genie+ system so a price increase could help with that.

Though I lack knowledge of why the increase at the Disneyland Resort happened, the holiday season approaches. With holidays approaching, Walt Disney World now prices Genie+ with variable pricing between $15-$22 based on day desired. The individual paid access lightning lanes also increased with variable pricing based on day you visit.

The data from attraction wait times in California will be interesting to watch. If over the next few weeks attraction wait times go down, this might increase prices again in Florida. This might lead to Walt Disney World raising Genie+ price noticeably, pricing more people out. I realize that sounds negative. Yet, most experts do not feel the current Genie+ set-up will continue to work in present form at Walt Disney World for guests or the Disney company.

One more variable appeared in the Genie+ description today that now looks fulfilled. In Disneyland, the mobile app and online explanation of Genie+ now says “…Disney Genie+ service offers even more convenience and flexibility, starting at $25.00 USD per ticket per day. Prices vary by date.” The scary phrase “vary by date” could mean that price will increase based on crowd levels. So, logic dictates that around the upcoming holidays Genie+ could cost far more per day then. Walt Disney World followed this pattern today also with vary by date pricing.

Since Genie+ cannot be purchased in advance, there is nothing you can do in advance. This probable price increase will have to be handled day to day. We will keep an eye out on any additional changes since those seem inevitable. My suggestion if desiring use of Genie+ is that you budget a bit more funds for your Disney vacation. I appreciate you reading this article. I wish you a wonderful Disney vacation

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