Disneyland Finally Reopens To The General Public Today


After more than a year of being closed due to the pandemic, Disneyland reopened to the general public today. Those lucky enough to get a ticket were there and ready to go. Out of state guests are still not allowed to come yet…supposedly.

I’m truly so happy for all the Cast Members that have gotten to return to work and for the guests that have been waiting a long time for them to reopen.

Let’s check out Twitter for a look at what’s happening!


Bob Iger, Bob Chapek and Josh D’Amaro were there:

Yeah….I’m thinking it’s just they have people in CA. Otherwise it’s BS. But I do know of at least one person who lives in FL that was in for the Touch of Disney event. So much for only CA residents for this stuff!

Okay, I do think this is kind of crappy. I mean you took away their annual passes so they had to pay full price to go back for a day or will have to.

It’s funny because it’s true!

Can’t blame them. The Disneyland ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is amazing!

I admit it. I cried watching these. I know people think we hate Disney, but we sincerely don’t. We just hate some of the crappy choices they have made and we don’t like the way it’s become so cold and corporate. Oh and don’t get me started on ‘Star Wars.’ But, I’m happy for the guests and Cast Members. I can relate and it’s more moving because we’ve all suffered due to the last year. It’s a uniting experience and I’m truly happy for those that are so happy now.

Take the wins where you can get them.

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