Disneyland Fans Talk About “Shrinkflation” With $10 Sliver of Cake


If you are a fan of Disney parks, you know all about the increasing prices. With the price hikes seems to come a decrease in guest experience or in this case food experience. Apparently Disney CFO Christine McCarthy wasn’t kidding when she said they were going to shrink the portion sizes at Disney Parks. This has left guests talking about “Shrinkflation” at Disneyland.

Recently there was a thread on reddit where user pizgloria007 posted about a ridiculously thin piece of cake they got at the Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland. The “sliver” was $10!

This kicked off an entire thread about their experience. Others also chimed in to offer some of their recent food cut situations:

They original poster added that they laughed when it was brought out.

We started laughing when this arrived. The pic does not do justice to how thin the cake slice is. Huge disappointment as we love cake, and happen to be well experienced with the concept of the cake slice, and what an adequate one should look like. A slither indeed.

Other users chimed in with support or stories of their own:

Narnia77:I laughed at it too, then told my husband that would be our last meal at the Blue Bayoo. I’m never going back there again.”

terraninteractive: “If Disney were smart, they would charge a supplemental $20 fee so you can upgrade to the Lightning Cake, which would be the regular sized slice of cake. This is the basic package. Don’t be poor, peasant.”

ChitakuPatch: “I stopped eating at Disney restaurants when I saw how badly the Lobster Nacho quality dropped at Lamplight lounge. Now I usually Do A Nice™ Dole Whip, coffee and maybe a rontoless wrap. Thats it.

Apparently the Monte Cristo at Café Orleans has also suffered a similar fate:

HammerheadEaglei-Thr: “This is my family’s favorite meal and we always split it and still have leftovers. So when I went solo a few months ago I literally packed a ziplock bag planning to take the leftovers back home in an ice chest the next morning.

Imagine my surprise when the thing came out and not only was it significantly smaller, but the ratio of meat/cheese to breading was so off that I ate the whole thing by myself, minus the extra inches of just bread with no fillings, and it didn’t feel like a complete meal.

Taking home my sad empty ziplock made me a bit salty. At least the ice chest came in handy for all the apples and grapes from Oogie.

ProfessorNo9139: Oh man, I wish I had pics from my trip 2 weeks ago! My wife got the Monte Cristo, I got the half chicken, and my 8-year old got the kids steak meal.

My kiddos meal was, literally, 2 pieces of steak and 2 pieces of broccoli; The smallest meal I’ve ever seen from a restaurant, he left hungry and he has the lowest appetite I’ve ever seen. My “half chicken” was one boneless chicken thigh. My wife and I had a laugh out of it, but we will never go back!

Disney is really hurting their reputation with fans, especially in Disneyland. I guess that’s one way to stop an “unfavorable mix,” but what happens when Disney needs people to come back?

This must be Disney’s version of “Let them eat cake.” The new Disney Difference.

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