Disneyland Expansion to Add ‘Black Panther’ Wakanda Themed Land?


Could Wakanda be coming to Disneyland? The concept art for the Disneyland Expansion seems to indicate it’s a definite possibility.

Eagle-eyed Disney fans have caught that there appears to be a large panther-like structure on the map as part of the California Adventure expansion.

[Image Credit: WDW News Today]
This Panther structure looks an awful lot like Mount Bashenga, which features a massive panther statue.

It’s an interesting move if true. There were rumors of a Wakanda area coming to Epcot a few years ago. It could be that Disney is still planning a Wakanda, but that it could be coming to the West coast instead.

While it’s unlikely that the Disneyland expansion would see an entire third gate, it is clear that they plan on expanding the the two Parks somewhat.

Then again, money is a huge factor. Disney doesn’t have nearly as much of it these days, and many of those “blue sky” plans seem to get cut back more often than not.

Still, it would be a nice tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman and it does seem to fit in with Disney’s “diversity and inclusion” initiative, as well as the push for more Marvel in California.

Stay tuned to P&P for more details on the Disneyland expansion as we hear it.

[Hat Tip: WDW News Today]

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