Disney YouTubers Admit to Being “Super Sick” While Roaming Walt Disney World

An altered image of Disneyland's Lunar New Year Mickey and Minnie going viral on Twitter created by user @FUGGINSPAM

Despite Walt Disney World’s best efforts to keep guests safe during the pandemic, some Disney vloggers are admitting on camera that they’re roaming the parks while ill.

The vloggers, from the channel That Crazy Disney Lady, livestreamed from Magic Kingdom on opening day and complained on air about being “super sick.”

The video currently has significantly more downvotes than upvotes on YouTube.

What’s worse is that Disney knew they were ill, as the vloggers went to the First Aid station complaining of flu-like symptoms and vomiting.

A Disney nurse reportedly asked them to go to the hospital, but Disney not ask them to leave the park.

The vlogger later claimed she thought it was a food allergy.

Another YouTuber, Jenny Nicholson, reposted the video on her Twitter account, and it’s found its way onto several mainstream blogs.

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Disney World re-opened this weekend with coronavirus safety measures in place — visitors are required to wear masks, to stay six feet apart and are forbidden from hugging performers.

Still, many people voiced concerns that the park would amplify the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and “That Crazy Disney Lady’s” livestream seemed to confirm their worst fears in real-time. After their first day in the park, one of the hosts — Robin — visited first aid with her symptoms, which seemed severe to many viewers.

She then returned to the park the following morning, attributing her condition to a food allergy.

So who else is slipping through the cracks in the screening process?

There’s a growing concern that while Disney itself is following state mandates, park Guests are not, and distancing is not being enforced as it should be. There are photos and videos popping up all over social media showing a definite lack of distancing.

A now infamous photo of people on top of each other while in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was posted by AJ Wolfe of the Disney Food Blog, and created quite a stir online. Disney fans on Twitter accused her of cherry picking a negative photo to make Disney look bad, while other couldn’t understand why theme parks are opening at all during a pandemic.

Later, Wolfe posted several photos showing social distancing protocols being implemented correctly.

With coronavirus cases skyrocketing in Florida, many feel theme parks shouldn’t be opening at all under the pandemic has passed.

Disney can’t afford that.

The Florida Governor, however, feels Disney and Universal are “safe” and it’s very unlikely that Walt Disney World would shut down again, unless they were mandated to.

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