Disney World Cuts Back on the Ketchup. The Internet Reacts.


With Disney seemingly cutting costs weekly after a less-than-stellar Q3, it was just a matter of time until one of Walt Disney’s World’s most beloved features gets cut.

The endless supply of ketchup of mustard.

That’s right, Disney fans, Disney is cutting you off from your condiments at Casey’s Corner.

Well, unless you ask real nice.

The news seemingly broke via Touring Plans on Twitter and Facebook…

You now have to ask for ketchup and mustard, as those coveted cups are behind the counter.

Some will say this is to avoid messes. Our guess is it’s yet another cost-cutting measure.

Whatever the reason, the internet is not happy.

With Walt Disney World raising their Annual Passes and food prices to all-time highs, you’d think they could at least spare a little ketchup.

It’s unclear if this change is experimental and just specific to Casey’s Corner, or if this is the “new normal” for quick service locations around Walt Disney World going forward.

[Source: Touring Plans]



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