Disney Will Revoke Severance Pay For Cast Members Who Find New Jobs Before December 4th?


There is a new scoop floating around that is coming from BlogMickey.com. Apparently sources are telling them that Cast Member severance packages will be canceled for anyone who finds a new job before the separation date of December 4th.

This puts the Cast Members in a situation that if they are furloughed and unpaid they can choose to find a new job and lose their severance or they can just wait till December 4th to find a new job and get their weeks of severance pay that they earned.

Here’s what BlogMickey said:

According to wording distributed to Cast Members, finding employment before a separation date would be considered a voluntary resignation, leading to a removal of severance pay. As of publish time, it’s unclear how Disney will enforce this policy.

That’s really an unfair choice, especially to those that were already on furlough with no pay and they could not hold on any longer. If they can’t’ they just lose their severance? Blog Mickey also pointed out that a lot of Cast Members have taken on part-time or gig based jobs doing things like ride services or deliveries. Is Disney going to count those as “employment” to not have to pay out severances?

I get that this happens in other industries as well, but for a company like Disney, that doubles down on their “magic,” “family,” and “community” image to sell trips. it feels worse somehow. They even make and leverage shows on Disney+ about their Cast Members to sell people on these ideas, and then do this.

Frankly, I expect better. They are Disney. If I’m to believe the whole idea that they are the company that cares, how can I when they treat the people who actually bring the magic like this? They go on that they’re parks and merchandise are worth the constantly increasing price tags because they are different. They are about family. They are about community. They are about magic. Then they should stand by what they’ve been selling and prove it.

Deep down I’m hoping they prove they’re truly about what they claim they stand for. I want to believe.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: BlogMickey

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