Disney Wants to Do a Live Action ‘Rapunzel’ Now, Of Course They Do!


Disney is allegedly developing a Rapunzel live-action film.

It is a live action version of Rapunzel that may, or may not be based on Tangled. What we do know is that Ashleigh Powell (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms) is penning the script. (Because that movie did so well.)

Whether or not it’s based on the Grimm’s’ Fairy tale version or the previous Tangled film is what we don’t know. Personally, I’m hoping it’s something completely different!

Don’t get me wrong, Tangled is one of my favorite Disney films, but the live-action adaptations of everything they’ve already done is just getting ridiculous. I think it’s going to start blowing up in their faces as more and more Disney fans are starting to get tired of it.

People have already seen it once, why are they going to pay to see it again, simply because it’s a live-action “retelling.”

At the end of the day why can’t they just make new stories?

There is no shortage of amazing stories on the internet, from YouTube to digital comics and novels, the internet if full of new ideas and treatments of stories. If Disney wants to find proven source material and be “new” the internet is the perfect place to look! If you as a consumer want new then go online.

Disney, until recently, has been known for being ground-breaking and innovative. Frankly, I think the powers that be overspent on the Fox deal and the Disney+ service won’t break even for a few years, and I honestly wonder if they’ve broken even from the Star Wars acquisition yet. Sure the movies did over a billion dollars, but when you factor in costs, re-shoots, marketing, etc. I do wonder if they’ve recouped the expense.

Instead of taking risks and going back to what made Disney, well Disney, they are trying to go for lower-risk, lower-cost, “sure things” that are starting to be not so “sure.”  The most hope I have for originality is Pixar and they just re-hashed Toy Story a fourth time for money.

Here’s hoping we get a least a new version of Rapunzel.

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