Disney Tsum Tsum April 2020 Event Features Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6!

The April 2020 Disney Tsum Tsum event will feature Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 characters.

The April 2020 Disney Tsum Tsum event is coming, and leaks indicate that we will be getting a Big Hero 6 event and new Tsums of Ventus, Terra and Chirithy from Kingdom Hearts III!

There will also be a new type of “scratch off” event this month. See details below!

Here are some of the leaked screenshots…

Tsum Tsum Scratch

A new event called “Tsum Tsum Scratch” will be introduced alongside the “Big Hero 6 Save the World” Event. This event reportedly starts on April 23.

Here’s more info via reddit user CCC6688

How To Play

(1) The Duration of Scratch Card Event is only 5 Days. Each Day, 3 New Cards will be released. All these 15 Cards should be finished before the deadline. On each Card, there are 8 Scratch Holes. If you finish a Mission, you can choose a Hole to scratch. If a certain Pattern appears three times, you will receive a Prize immediately.

(2) Each Mission has 3 Levels of requirement. For example, Mission 1, asks you to get points in 1 play: (a) Get 300,000 pts to gain one chance to scratch. (b) Get 750,000 pts to gain two chances to scratch. (c) Get 3,000,000 pts to gain three chances to scratch. Therefore, if you can get only 1 million pts in the play, you will choose two Holes to scratch.

(3) If you fail the Mission, you will NOT be able to re-try the Mission, but then you will move on to the NEXT Mission without penalty, so dont worry. You can continue to play the Scratch Card until you finish all 15 Cards.

(4) Altogether there are 50 Missions, and these 50 Missions are recycling. In other words, you have unlimited Missions to try.

(5) If you do not finish the three Cards within a day, you can carry these Cards, plus three New Cards, to the next day.

(6) If you get a certain Pattern three times on a Card, the Prize will be sent to your Mail Box immediately. The Big Prize will be a tsum. If your tsum has already reached SL6, it will be replaced by another tsum (not a Skill Ticket).

Stay tuned to PNP for more info on Disney Tsum Tsum events!

[Source: reddit]


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