Disney To Offer Cast Members A Disney+ Membership or the Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass


According to WDWNT Disney is offering their cast members a choice for perks next year. Starting January 2020 Cast Members can choose between their Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass or a Disney+ bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.

As WDWNT said: “In an effort to get more Disney+ subscribers, Disney is offering a new set of perks to Walt Disney Company Cast Members.”

That was my first thought too! They are offering steep discounts if you pre-ordered, starting with small groups, like D23 members and then ending up being offered to everyone. Verizon is giving it away for free for a year. Then at the investors call they wouldn’t say how many subscribers they had. But now employees can choose to get that for free instead of their Main Entrance Pass, which allows Cast Members to take family and friends to the theme parks for free (with some restrictions.)

If you are a Cast Member, even if you choose the Disney+ package you will still get a limited number of complimentary park tickets each year and you will also continue to get your self-admission, and your usual discounts.

I guess it’s a nice offer for those who wouldn’t use the Main Entrance Pass. There are a lot of Cast Members that work in other places besides the theme parks. Some Cast Members probably get enough of Disney at work and would like having ESPN and Hulu instead. Cast Members said as much in the comments on the original article (credit to you guys!) But I would love to know what the actual paid subscriber count is. They seem really focused on pushing as many people to Disney+ as they can.

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Source: WDWNT and check out the comments too! They have some great points! I also want to give a shout out to author Jessica Figueroa. I love her stories and she always does a great job!



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