Disney Thought a Show Based on ‘The Full Monty’ 25 Years Later Was a Good Idea–Releases Trailer


In Disney’s quest to get every penny they can out of acquired content, someone decided that a show based on “The Full Monty” with the cast as older men was a good idea. The show is pretty much the original cast, 25 years later, dealing with life. A trailer was just released, and not only do they say they aren’t stripping anymore, the end logo/animation shows the zipper going up.

It will air on Disney+ in Canada and the UK but on Hulu in the United States.

Here’s the trailer:

The comments are turned off. I wonder why.

This is the synopsis of the show:

The Full Monty gang is back after 25 years, swapping their stage costumes for dognapping, racing pigeons and one very unconventional hostage situation. Gaz might be older but he’s no wiser, and best mate Dave refuses to get sucked into any more of his antics. But when tragedy strikes, the whole Monty gang must pull together for a common purpose: to honor an old friend.

There were obvious reasons why the film performed so well. It was unique, and it resonated with people. Sometimes movies don’t need a Disney+ series two and a half decades later.

Of course, this is all my opinion. It might be amazing and do incredibly well. Who knows?

You can catch the first episode of the eight-episode series on June 14.

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Source: Comicbook.com

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