Disney Stocks Get a Boost as Tickets for Shanghai Disneyland Sell Out in Minuites

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Now for some good news for a change! Disney stocks have started to go up a bit after the news that Shanghai Disneyland tickets sold out within minutes.

I don’t think anyone is surprised that the tickets sold out so quickly, many insiders have said this would happen for quite awhile. Plus there’s the fact that there aren’t nearly as many as there usually are, with Disney indicating they were capping attendance at 24,000 or less for the first phase of reopening starting on May 11th. This is down from the normal 80,000 cap that the park has.

When the tickets went on sale at 8AM local time, the prices were “399 yuan ($56) for regular days and 499 yuan for weekends,” according to Bloomberg.

It’s good news for sure! I do expect prices to increase over “demand” when the United States parks reopen eventually. I still recommend that those of you wanting to take a trip to Disney parks wait until 2021 when they hopefully get it all under control and to the final reopening phase and beyond. I do worry what the prices will be moving forward. I think initially the ticket prices will be higher, but it’s going to be such a limiting experience and not in the good “Disney limited time magic” way that it really won’t be worth the prices. That and most families won’t be able to afford it for awhile after the economic hit many have taken.  But when you can safely afford it again, go. I think waiting will be to your benefit in the long run.

But good news for Shanghai Disneyland and stock holders, which we are.

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Source: Bloomberg

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