Disney+ ‘Star Wars: Skeleton Crew’ Is Possibly Facing Setbacks


Disney has announced several new shows coming for Disney+, one of those shows is the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.’ The show was announced last May for release on the streaming service in 2023. The show was to star Jude Law and be about four kids lost in space, but “it’s not a kid’s show.” It’s been described as similar to “Goonies” by Kathleen Kennedy.

The producers listed for the show were Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Jon Watts (show creator) and Christopher Ford (show writer.) Now it seems that the show is hitting several issues along the way according to an article in Comicbook.com.

Their source, Making Star Wars, has spilled the tea on some issues surrounding the production. Including “a rocky time with principal photography, with extensive crew turnovers and other logistical problems.”

Allegedly crew members are feeling like they are being treated poorly. Making Star Wars said they’ve heard the crew has “felt underappreciated, disposable, and disrespected.” The site even stated that some crew members have said they will never work on another ‘Star Wars’ project again.

Over the last few months, the production for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew has been a rough one by most accounts. = I have heard many stories of crew members leaving and crew members coming aboard to replace people who left the production. Some were so frustrated they claim they will not come back to work on a Star Wars project again.

Wow! Production crew members are the unsung heroes of film and television. Without their hard work and expertise we wouldn’t have shows. Sadly, they aren’t the ones credited like the directors, producers or actors. But they are the backbone of the industry. For some of them to say they won’t do ‘Star Wars’ again, makes me wonder how bad it got.

Many have worked on several ‘Star Wars’ projects but said this one was the worst. With some of their sources saying that it “has been rougher than all the other Star Wars productions combined for most of them.”

The general consensus seems to be that the crew suffered but the work has not. However, if some never want to do ‘Star Wars’ again, does this mean there could be delays down the road on other projects as they find replacement crew?

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Source: Making Star Wars, Comicbook.com

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