Disney+ Star Wars: Andor Series Schedule Has Been Confirmed


Disney will unveil it’s latest ‘Star Wars’ series to Disney Plus next week. ‘Andor’ is a 12-episode series that will focus on the “ordinary people” that led to the rebellion with Cassian Andor obviously among them. ‘Andor’ will have two seasons, so this will likely end on some type of cliff hanger.

The release dates were posted on the Star Wars Twitter:

Episodes 1-3 will all debut at launch on the 21st with new episodes streaming on Wednesdays.

  • Episodes 1-3 September 21
  • Episode 4 –  September 28
  • Episode 5 – October 5
  • Episode 6 –  October 12
  • Episode 7 – October 19
  • Episode 8 –  October 26
  • Episode 9 – November 2
  • Episode 10 – November 9
  • Episode 11 – November 16
  • Episode 12 – November 23

It will end right ahead of Thanksgiving.

Director Tony Gilroy spoke to ‘Empire Magazine’ about the new series and how it focuses on “ordinary people.”

But our show is about ordinary people. They’re behind the scenes, they’re going to build the road to the revolution. We’re really in the kitchen with these people – our people are back there washing dishes, so canon might be happening off stage, but what’s happening for them is something completely different. Every day our aspiration in every department, on every costume, every weapon and every sideburn is always how to make it real.

Mon Mothma, who was in charge of the rebellion will be featured heavily in the show as well:

Our goal is to have as many varieties as you possibly can, and Mon Mothma has her own rebellion. People will find out a lot more about that as the show goes on, because there’s some really interesting things that we’re going to say about her.”

I am happy we are going to be learning more about Mon Mothma, even though the now dismissed Expanded Universe already delved into her somewhat.

The concerns I do have is the focus on “ordinary people.”  If done right that could be very interesting, but if it goes too far it could end up incredibly boring.

Another concern people have had is how this would impact cannon, but Gilroy said it wouldn’t:

“It’s not that we’re reversing canon or anything we’re just going to tell you that, wow, you had no idea what some people were really about – and maybe you don’t understand why she’s doing it.

Hopefully it works well. For the longest series so far, 12 episodes about “ordinary people” could end up being tedious for viewers.

Let’s hope it’s good. I’ve been looking forward to “Andor” for awhile now. The more I hear the more concerns I have.  Releasing three episodes up front seems like an attempt to give a large chunk of story to the fans to avoid complains like we’ve seen with other series.

Time will tell.

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Source: Comicbook.com


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