Disney Shows You How They Prepare The Disney Balloons


Disney has been showing an great many things on their parks TikTok account and one of them is sure to be something that many of park goers have wondered about. “How do they prep the balloons?”

The balloons, especially the Mickey ones are iconic to Disney parks (and overpriced but many of us splurge for the special occasion.)

Let’s take a look at how Disney preps their balloons before going out to sell or offer a special photo opportunity.


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Mickey balloons are so important that they have whole lines of merchandise dedicated to them, now including popcorn buckets, ears, bags and Spirit Jerseys.

I know the price is offsetting for many people so sometimes the more reusable merchandise is a better way to go. I remember how excited my daughter was to get one after asking for one over a couple of trips. They were just too expensive for us, but when we finally got her one she was so happy and it has since been deflated and kept as a keepsake.

I know some frame them or find some way to display the balloons so they are recycled into decor. That’s a smart way to get your money’s worth.

Yet another great thing you can do is pass it on to another child if you do not want to keep it. I have seen many people do this (with the guardian’s permission of course.) Even better, I’ve seen people buy two balloons, one for themselves and one to give away. If you are wanting to share.

I think it’s a fun and smart aspect of the park life to share with people, as fans love anything behind-the-scenes at the parks.

What do you think? What other behind-the-scenes aspects would you love Disney to showcase?

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