Disney Set To Use MagicBand+ On Cruise Lines As DisneyBand+


Disney has apparently thought of a new way to get more money out of Disney Cruise Line guests. Starting this summer guests can use (and likely pay for) the new DisneyBand+, which is the DCL version of MagicBand+. Of course, they are the more expensive, rechargeable ones. It’s like Disney sat down and had a meeting about how to get more money from guests and realized that they had a whole untapped market of people they could upsell MagicBands to.

So what will DisneyBand+ Do For Guests?

According to a video, DisneyBand will allow guests the same things that park guests can use them for. Things like opening room doors, paying for items, checking in, etc. I am sure it’s easier than using lanyards for everything; however, you might still need your lanyards for other things.

I’m assuming they will also have some interactivity to sweeten the pot like interaction with Disney’s islands, fireworks, or some of the activities.

Don’t get me wrong; I do see how this could make it easier for guests and why DCL guests would want to use it. However, I also think this is Disney’s way to increase profits on already expensive trips.

Many wonder if you can use your Disney parks MagicBand so a new one isn’t needed. So far, we don’t know. But at the bottom of the original Disney Parks Blog article they make sure to state that it will be optional and not included in your already super expensive cruise “DisneyBand+ is an optional add-on and is not included in your cruise fare.”

While many are excited about the wristband, some are also worried about what it will cost.

Here are some of the comments to the video:

It blinks up on your wrist during some fireworks when you’re looking up at the sky $84.99″ – VCarter0723.

“So they’re just bringing magic bands to the cruise” – JRW Magic.

Love this! no more lanyards!”- Magical Mom Laura.

“This is so awesome!!! I’ve been wanting the cruise line to have magic bands forever!!!”- Ashley S.

“I went with DCL so I didn’t have to deal with Magic bands and now this. I guess next will be Genie, lol.” – Al’s AJM Trains.

We shall see how it goes.

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Source: Disney Parks Blog

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