Disney Ride Through Videos of Extinct Attractions Part 1

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Everyone is writing stories about ride through videos and how we should watch them right now. Most people only got to Disney once every year or five, so they probably were already watching them. But did you know that you can see ride-throughs of extinct attractions too?

Today I have complied some YouTube videos that showcase the history and wonder of attractions from the past. Some of you may remember these and some of you may not, but it’s fun to look at! This is part one and more will follow.

The only down side is that cameras then couldn’t take video like the cameras now, so they can get very dark in places. But we’ll still take a look!

First up Horizons!

Horizons is an attraction nearly everyone has heard of. After it closed it became Mission Space, but personally I still prefer the original attraction.

Retro WDW has posted a fantastic version of it.  (There will be a 3D version coming soon too!)

Another extinct EPCOT attraction is the World of Motion. It later became Test Track.

This video comes from YouTube channel Nick.

Journey into Imagination is another one that people wish would come back.

The original version was far superior to the one we have today. No video can do it justice, but this one give you a look at the paintings and queue before you entered the attraction. I miss it!

This one comes from Widen Your World on YouTube.

There’s also this one from Juice Pod on YouTube. The colors may be better in places.

Body Wars

Body Wars was once part of the Wonders of Life Pavilion, that is now becoming the Disney Play Pavilion. I remember waiting at rope drop to get to it quickly. Once I even answered a trivia question correctly and got myself, my siblings, and my sister’s friend in early!

This version comes from YouTube channel Central Florida Sights and Sounds

Of course we couldn’t have Body Wars without Cranium Command. RIP Buzzy.

This one comes to us from WDWNT’s YouTube Channel.

There is a look at a few extinct Disney attraction (all EPCOT) for you to enjoy. I will be posting more shortly.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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