Disney Releases Statement About The Firing Of ‘The Grand Floridian Orchestra’


As we reported earlier Disney has terminated the long time musicians called ‘The Grand Floridian Orchestra.’ After 32 years they are the latest victims of the pandemic cuts. Walt Disney World even moved them to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and changed their name to The Disney Society Orchestra after the closure.

Now WDWNT has shared the statement Geoffrey Kiser, Executive Correspondence Specialist for Walt Disney World Resort about the Orchestra ending on October 3rd:

As you may know., we are always evaluating and refining our offerings and creating new ideas to build upon Disney stories. This philosophy is in keeping with Walt Disney’s vision for continuing to grow and evolve, giving Guests a mixture of familiar and new experiences with each visit. In alignment with this philosophy, we have made the decision to end the limited-time run of the Disney Society Orchestra and Friends this fall with their last performance being on Saturday October 3, 2020. We apologize for any disappointment that this may cause you and please be assured that we have shared all of your feedback with the appropriate Executive Leadership Teams.

Geoffrey Kiser, Executive Correspondence Specialist for Walt Disney World Resort

A couple of things here:

1. The performers have been around 32 years. They were NOT a limited time run. I’m sure the contract was such that Disney could terminate because they were calling it a “Limited Time run,” but that isn’t the same thing. The statement is deliberately worded it to make it appear that it was a short stint when in fact it was not. You could have at least given them credit for their years of work.

2. They were called ‘The Grand Floridian Orchestra’ up until the last couple months and should be acknowledged as such. Instead Kiser only refers to them by the “Limited Time” name they just gave them.

3. You can “evaluate” and “refine” offerings and still keep loyal people that have been around 32 years. Move them to a different venue. If there was no way to keep them, give them the acknowledgement and respect they, and all the other long term entertainers that keep getting cut, deserved.

4. They blame it on Walt Disney’s “philosophy” about growing and evolving. Use Walt as a shield. I really don’t think a lot of Walt’s philosophies have been in play for awhile now. Like pricing out families.
I’m all for growing and evolving, but I am also for loyalty and respect and I think Walt appreciated those traits as well.

5. “Be assured that we have shared all of your feedback with the appropriate executive leadership.”  Basically passing the buck. We all know how much guest opinions matter anymore. Just look at the amount of requests for Journey Into Imagination to be redone with Dreamfinder and Figment. Or Splash Mountain and the thousands of signatures. Or heck, Star Wars, people have been all over that one for years, didn’t do anything to help.  So don’t expect any changes.

My friend told me about this and here is what they said:

Wow what a slap in the face to them. They only acknowledged their limited time run, with their new name Disney changed it to, and nothing of the 32 years before.

At the end of the day I feel bad for the entertainers who gave years of work and dedication, worked several shows a day, 7 days a week. Disney had just gotten rid of them one by one. Then statements are made that don’t even show appreciation or acknowledgement for the hard work.

Do better Disney.

Source: WDWNT

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