Disney Releases More Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Items to MerchPass Again Instead of Everyone


Well Shop Disney is just setting out to double down on their MerchPass system. Unlike the Disney Castle Collection, where items were released to everyone a few days later, Disney instead listed the items around 9AM EST and then at around 11AM EST, they sent out more MerchPass “wins” to people. Instead of making it open so everyone had a chance like the previous collection, it’s again only who gets “picked.”

Now, let me remind you, the earlier release of the MerchPass led to a glut of items being sold on eBay as people bragged about using dozens of accounts to get as many items as possible. The rules said only one registration per person.

As a result of the MerchPass 2.0, people with dozens of accounts can now score more items, while collectors who got nothing don’t even get the chance on the second round like with the Disney Castle Collection. They knew there were issues and doubled down on the flawed system.

Collectors are NOT happy and have taken to social media and the reviews section on Shop Disney to complain!

A lot of people understood the idea and were upset, but we thought we would still have an opportunity, like the Disney Castle Collection collectors had.

Instead it ended up more of the same.  I fully expect eBay to have a bunch of new listings today. Even if they only picked people who didn’t get chosen before, which I doubt they would bother to do, the countless extra accounts created by scalpers would also be in the running.

At least with the other system people had a chance and most got at least something. Now it looks like that will not be the case.


Already people are selling off their entire collections because they are sick of the issues. Many stated they never would have collected if they had known it would be this ridiculous to actually get the items.  Many others have asked why Disney has just made these items, and ones like it, pre-order so they can make more. Likely it’s because they want to keep them “limited.”

No matter how you slice it, it is a mess and Disney has likely created more animosity with this system. Perhaps they will still release what little is left on the site, but at that point, the bots will take them all.


The United States appears to be the only Shop Disney market making their collectors go through this.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: ShopDisney.com

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