Disney Promotes Cruise Line with The Wasp on Twitter, Despite Evangeline Lilly Backlash


Disney is using The Wasp to promote Disney Cruise Line on Twitter this week. This, despite Twitter backlash over Wasp actress Evangeline Lilly due to her anti-mandate stance.

The promoted Twitter post was from last Fall, but it would appear that Disney has boosted it again this month as many comments are more current.

We’ve wondered if Disney would “cancel” the actress over her politics. Maybe this is their answer? Or it could all be a coincidence. Check out the promoted tweet for yourself below.

Of course, since Twitter wants Lilly “cancelled” over her politics, the comments were… interesting, to say the least.

Other Twitter users used the opportunity to dunk on Disney for its own vaccine mandates when it comes to the Disney Cruise Line. Disney currently will not allow you to sail without being fully vaccinated per current CDC guidance, unless you have a legitimate health exemption.

Given the highly politicized climate of the world right now, there’s really no way for Disney to “win” this. But using The Wasp in an ad on Twitter when Twitter is angry about the actress was probably just asking for unsolicited feedback.

Unless that was the point?

[Source: Twitter]



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