Disney+ Posts Some More Information on Upcoming ‘Rescue Rangers’ “Comeback” Film

Disney is notorious for rebooting movies and shows or making new ‘live-action adaptations’ of several titles. But the voice actors say that it’s a “comeback.”  We have some more information on the upcoming Chip ‘N Dale’s Rescue Rangers. 

Disney+ calls it a “reboot comeback” in their tweet. Yes they tried to cross out reboot, but I have to wonder if they are just leveraging semantics because they know fans have not been happy with all their reboots lately. Just look at the reaction to ‘Home Sweet Home Alone.”


Then they get the voice actors in there making sure you know it’s a “comeback” not a “reboot”

Hopefully it is a comeback and not a reboot because people are just tired of the constant, disappointing reboots and cheap live-action reboots or retellings of practically every creative Disney animated property ever made.

The synopsis for the new film is:

“Years after the Rescue Rangers TV series has ended, Chip and Dale must re-team to save a friend from video piracy.”

On a side note the script behind the “small script” looks like it could say “Darkwing Duck” on it. The yellow Post-It note looks like it says “DWD talent call.”

I would love to see all these shows return, but only if they are the characters and not “updated” versions that somehow ruin everything that made them great to begin with.

Let’s hope Disney make them better.

The new ‘Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers’ will debut in Spring 2022 on Disney+.

We also have an exclusive interview with Tad Stones who was instrumental in creating the original DarkWing Duck and original Rescue Rangers. You can read that HERE.

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