Disney Plus Subscriber Growth Has Recently Been Slowing Down


The Disney Plus platform is one of the world’s top streaming services, currently sitting at over 110 Million subscribers and growing. Having been online for two years its library of content continues to grow not only with the large pre-existing library of films, shows and shorts constantly being dug up and added, but also with all are programing such as The Mandalorian. But you can only grow so much.

A recent report shows that the service had grown 2.1 Million subscribers the previous quarter, which was apparently down from what analysts were predicting in that period of time. This can be seen as trouble some since the company had originally predicted 240 – 260 Million subscribers by 2024, the period in which the service would start to be profitable. But at just two years they haven’t even reached the halfway point, which is casing some concern.

In a conference call Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke with business analysts, saying:

I want to reiterate that we remain focused on managing our D.T.C. (Direct To Consumer) business for the long term, not quarter to quarter, and we’re confident we are on the right trajectory.

With Disney shutting down multiple television stations all across Asia and Europe they seem to hope that the people who used to watch their channels will be forced to subscribe to their service. Yet there are some factors to consider since some countries have a harder time accessing the internet versus basic cable.

The service seems to be one of Disney’s top priorities as the company’s focus to DTC is taking shape. But if the numbers don’t increase at a rate which will satisfy the board members the stock in the company might be effected. But no matter how far your service reached you’ll always his that glass ceiling at some point. 

Source: NY Times

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