Disney Patenting Special Projection Technology For Attractions or a Parade?


 Disney has recently filed a patent that would work with projection mapping on 3-D surfaces, and the example it gives is for parade floats.

This new patent is for something called “Ordered Mapping on a Three-Dimensional Projection Surface.”

Here’s an excerpt posted on the Orlando Business Journal:

A computer-implemented method comprises generating a computer model of a display surface, where the display surface comprises an unordered array of light sources. The computer-implemented method further comprises generating visual media to be presented on the display surface using the computer model of the display surface, and generating a map of light emission locations on the display surface. Moreover, the computer-implemented method comprises generating correspondence information between the computer model of the display surface and the map of light emission locations on the display surface, and transmitting signals representative of the visual media to one or more light sources of the unordered array of light sources based on the correspondence information.

[An example includes] a parade float, comprising one or more elements and having one or more display surfaces on which visual media may be displayed. For example, element may be a mushroom-shaped structure comprising a cap and stem. A plurality of light sources, e.g., fiber optic light sources, may emit light through one end of a fiber optic line or cable carrying light transmissions. Each end of a fiber optic line or cable can be used to emit light representative of a pixel corresponding to the visual media embodied as a UV texture map, e.g., UV texture map, examples of which are fiber optic light sources.

Of course this could be used for much more than parades. I could see it used in attractions as well. (But I secretly hope we get a new parade at Walt Disney World since the Main Street Electrical Parade is gone and the 50th anniversary is coming next year. Just saying!)

Right now it’s just a patent. So we’ll see where it goes!

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Orlando Business Journal


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