Disney Parks Boss Josh D’Amaro: Walt Disney World Still Embraces Different Political Views


Despite much of the discussion around Disney and Florida being focused on politics lately, Josh D’Amaro, the Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, seems to feel that Disney World is still for everybody — regardless of political views or beliefs.

In a recent interview with the Orlando Business Journal in which D’Amaro addresses the renaming of the Reedy Creek Improvement District and Gov. DeSantis’ hand-picked board, D’Amaro said that “if that new board understands the value that gets created here and how it positively impacts the Central Florida community, I think they will be aligned with our vision and will carry on the Reedy Creek soul that’s been in place.”

Most interesting are the comments that followed. Despite being accused of “doubling down” on left-wing politics, it seems that Disney is still open to hosting people from all over the world, regardless of their personal political beliefs or worldview.

From the OBJ

As for the guests visiting the local theme parks daily, D’Amaro said Walt Disney World still embraces the differences in the world and welcomes all kinds of visitors, regardless of their political backgrounds or other beliefs. That flag is something he is holding onto tightly as Disney embarks with the new district board and that board’s reported closely tied political viewpoints.

“Will there be noise on the outside? Will there be different points of view that we may not like? Sure,” he said, noting the company still will find success continuing to serve all types of people even if their beliefs may be different. “I really believe that, so we are not going to get distracted.”

Of course, everybody’s money spends the same. With the company’s stock taking a massive hit this year, alienating a large portion of your audience over politics isn’t a smart financial move.

[Source: Orlando Business Journal]

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