Disney Park Guest Attempts To Sneak Meth Into EPCOT


The Disney theme parks are usually advertised as the most magical place on earth. Welcoming everyone of any age to come and experience the magic and wonder of Disney. But it appears that someone wanted to experience their own type of magic. Bringing their own stash of “pixie dust”.

This past April a guest by the name of Jorge Luis Martinez Rivera was arrested for possession of an illegal substance, that substance being crystal meth. When passing through the security screening a security guest found meth stashed in a sunglasses case.

Recently newer details had come put about the case, including statements from those who arrested the guest.

The security officer who found the case said they saw “what was believed to be a drug related item” inside.

The sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene. He stated that he “observed a small plastic bag with what appeared to be two or three grams of white powdery substance. I tested the substance using a presumptive drug test kit; The kit turned blue, indicating a presumptive positive result for the presence of methamphetamine.

In addition to the white bag a cracked glass pipe was also found among his possession.

Martinez Rivera was then arrested and was charged $2,000 for the felony of possessing meth and a $200 paraphernalia misdemeanor charge.

Shortly afterwards Disney issued Martinez Rivera a trespass warning, banning him from Walt Disney World property.

Quite the interesting story. Apparently Martinez Rivera thought that Disney World wasn’t magical enough, so he brought his own “magic” to add to the experience. However this is not the first and only time something like this has occurred. From time to time security may find a piece of contraband that will require them to call the local authorities. Be it drugs, weapons or any other related item. For example Selfie Sticks were banned at the parks in 2015.

The next time you visit Walt Disney World it is highly recommended not to bring any illegal or banned items or else your trip to Florida will be spent in a jail cell.

Source: WDWNT

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