Disney On Ice Skater Critically Injured During Minneapolis Show


UPDATE: E! News published a story yesterday that revealed the Disney On Ice professional skater’s name: Anastasia Olson. The original Story continues below.

A skater performing during a Disney On Ice show at Minneapolis’s Target Center was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical condition. This comes after the performer fell during a lift with her skating partner. 

According to Fox 9, the skater was playing Belle during the 11 AM Disney On Ice show, which took place on February 10th. The performer’s name was not released, but a statement from Disney On Ice said the company “appreciates the well wishes from our fans as our team member recovers.

KARE11 interviewed a mother who was in attendance with her two children. She had the following to say:

This happened about 40 minutes into the show. They were doing a lift, it appeared shaky and she fell. I am beyond grateful and thankful for the remaining staff and the performers who kept going because that preserves the magic for the kids. I know that has to have been very difficult.

That’s one heck of a situation to be in when your audience comprises primarily of children. Thankfully, the skater is listed as stable as of the night she was admitted to the hospital. Little else is known about the performer besides her not being a Minnesota local.

No video of the accident has surfaced. Considering how severe the injury sounds, I’m grateful it hasn’t made its way onto YouTube.

However, several less serious incidents occur often during Disney On Ice shows. After all, these performers are skating while emoting, singing, and performing stunts. So, of course, falls are bound to happen.

Accidents and even deaths have occurred during Disney productions. Check out our article on the grim history of tragedies that have happened on Disney’s watch. 

We wish for all Cast Members throughout all of the parks to be safe as they help make memories for children. 

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