Disney Offers Free Baby Yoda (The Child) Craft Project For the Holidays


No official Baby Yoda aka “The Child” items for Christmas?

Never fear Disney and Lucasfilm have you. Jon Favreau posted a free Baby Yoda ornament craft you can print out and make for this holiday season. Because that’s almost as good as having merchandise ready right?


One Twitter user posted this picture of the completed project:


Just print it out, glue it to cardboard (an empty cereal box, or tissue box, or something like that would probably work best) and then fold it when dry.

Disney is trying to offer items like these to stop people from purchasing holiday ornaments and more from bootleg sellers. IF it was intentional to keep “The Child” merchandise out of stores to keep the character a secret, it was very short sighted on Disney and Lucasfilm’s part. They are losing tons of money.

I’m not buying the story either.

Either way, you can make a free Baby Yoda ornament. It could be a fun craft to do with your kids too!

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