Disney Moving Forward on Bambi Live-Action Film


Disney is moving forward on making a live-action Bambi film.

What is it with Disney and all the live-action versions of it’s animated films lately?


Of all the options out there, Bambi.

For the new version of the 1942 classic, Disney has hired Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider) and Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) to write the screenplay adaption. They run a production banner with Nicloe Perlman called Known Universe that “focuses on female-fronted genre stories.”

Wait, “female-fronted genre stories” but Bambi is male. It’s kind of an important part of the story, because he’s Prince of the Forest.  To be honest, this kind of sounds like they might gender-swap Bambi on top of making it live-action.

Also interesting is that The Hollywood Reporter also says that Depth of Field, a production company run by Chris and Paul Weitz and Andrew Miano are set to produce this film.  They are also working on development of a live-action adaptation of Pinocchio with Robert Zemeckis as the director.

Here comes my opinion on this matter:

Look, live-action adaptations are okay sometimes, but honestly this is getting out of hand. Is Disney so creatively bankrupt that they can only re-tell stories they’ve already told?

These movies were all wonderful when they came out the first time. Back when they were inventive and ground-breaking and creative. Now they are just an easy way to make a quick buck. Where are the new stories?  It seems like there’s an announcement every other week about this or that “live-action” version of a previous Disney animated hit or a sequel to something.

Now they have Fox and they are already going on about what franchises they can re-boot or sequel with those IPs.

It’s sad and it’s not what I have always expected from Disney. It was always exciting to see what story they were going to tell next. Now I know that for most of it, I’ve already seen it.

But hey, if you like Bambi, they are doing a live-action version of it. I am just going to stick with the original and wait for new content.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 


  1. I just hope they pick someone other than Jon Favreau to direct as I rather he focus on Star Wars. But all these live action remakes of treasured childhood features is just cold calculation to secure a steady revenue stream. Stagnation is ALWAYS followed by decline and eventual demise (Circle of life, baby!).


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